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Introducing Accessibility.TV

Welcome to Accessibility.TV which is dedicated to videos that provide information on assistive technology products. Our videos are broken into categories by the manufacturer, provider and products. Each category offers free education that is intended to help you learn more.


The goal is to provide a one stop educational source for all assistive technology.  Accessibility.TV was created to unite everybody to create and share videos that show success using assistive technology.  This website is not selling anything but sharing videos divided into three categories; Vendor, Provider and Product.  


Accessibility.TV is operated by volunteers and if you are interested in helping us, please email us your qualifications.   Click on contact link for address. 


We are not a tax exempt organization but we operate on donations.  If you are interested in donating to us, please click on link and give.   

Every donation will be returned with a receipt and an overview of what your donation was used for. 

Thank you for your support!